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                Great News!  . . . . .    We have purchased and SAVED an 1850 Queen Anne Victorian Home
from destruction in Andover, Ohio, and ask for your HELP to move it into the Historic 19th Century Jefferson Depot Village with all the other 14 Ashtabula County buildings in the "living history village" museum.   In its day, it was an elegant house with ornate architecture, a 3-story turret with curved glass windows 4 fireplaces,  2 stairways, curved interior corner walls.  Of course it's in deplorable condition, windows broken, fireplaces dilapidated, leaking roof, missing parts,  It needs a great deal of restoration and our tender loving care.  
With your Help, we can do it!  Because of its size, this building will have to be cut in sections, moved, and reassembled.  The moving and re-assembling cost: is  $45,000.  We have raised over 1/2 the cost with your donations, thank you!  If you can help us now, please  mail your donation  to Jefferson Depot, Inc., PO Box 22, Jefferson, OH 44047, marked "House".  We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible.  UPDATE:  The mover has been hired, the site prepared next to the 1848 "Church in the Wildwood"   and the footer and foundation are scheduled this spring!  Thank you for your support!  Volunteer workers welcome in the spring! 

              The 1860 former Post Office / Grocery Store from 1204 Mechanicsville Road, in Austinburg Township is now
the tour entrance into the Historic Ashtabula County "living history village" museum.  This building was donated by Andra R. Connolly & Lorie J. Young.  Since we already have Hohn's General Store and the Sheffield Post Office in our 19th century village, this building is the "Library/ Welcome Center".  Like most of our buildings, it was in deplorable condition and it is being restored by volunteers and financial supporters.  If you can help restore,  our address is  Jefferson Depot, Inc.,, 147 East Jefferson Street,  P. O. Box 22, Jefferson, OH 44047,.  We work on Mondays and Thursdays, 10 to 4pm. Please enter on East Walnut Street.   Call Jean 614-507-5246 or Autumn 440-812-1100 if you are available at any other day.

              Grand Opening of the 1879 Eric Westfall Carriage House will be the 2nd weekend in July, 2018.  Walk thru the antique "Annette Fitch doors", originally on one of the first houses built in Jefferson next to the County Courthouse, donated by Louise Legeza.  On display inside is the ornate 1864 Lenox Cornet Bandwagon used for parades, donated by the Lenox Township Trustees, the original 1880 One-Horse Sleigh donated by Dr.\and Mrs. Charles Curie, and the Jefferson Fire Department's first hose cart, pulled by people.  

             We are restoring fifteen 19th century buildings plus the PRR Caboose in the historic village -  all buildings are from Ashtabula County. 

   The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Station is the only one on its original site, on the National Register of Historic Places.  All the other buildings have been moved onto this property.  All are original except Hohn's General Store.  It was condemned so we stripped it, built a shell, and put all its original parts back in it,  even the front doors are original.

             We rely solely on donations and fund-raisers.  Volunteer workers and members are welcome to join us in saving, restoring, and preserving an early part of our history.   We now portray the 1890's in costume and voice on all tours, with interpreters in all the historic buildings for group tours.  Live in the 1890's, 
                                      Step Bac  in Time with us Saturday,  Sunday 1-4 p.m., Monday, Thursday 10-4 p.m. or groups any time by calling
                                                 614-507-5246 or 440-812-1100.   Open June 1st thru October 15th plus events and by appointment 

                                                         1864  Lenox Cornet Bandwagon.

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